• Human Rights & Business

      Human Rights and Business will be a focus for ICCO Cooperation in the years to come. We seek partnerships with companies and governments to reach real change.

    • ICCO 50 Years

      Fifty years ago ICCO started its work to eradicate poverty and injustice worldwide. 

    • Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

      Women are often marginalized in developing countries and need extra support to develop their potential. ICCO supports these women.

    • Thinking big in Microfinance

      Microfinance offers small entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop. The microfinance sector in Central America is developing fast.

    • Inclusive business in Guatemala

      Women associated with Kiej de los Bosques produce jewellery for the international markets

    • FairTrade snow peas from Guatemala

      We connect local farmers, producers and buyers in a sustainable supply chain

    Central America

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    You too can partner with ICCO Cooperation Thanks to ICCO we have strengthened 23 community organizations in P├ęten, Guatemala. We preserved 50.000 hectares of forest, making community forest management a source of employment!
    Mario Rivas - Production Development Coordinator ACOFOP