• Human Rights & Business

      Human Rights and Business will be a focus for ICCO Cooperation in the years to come. We seek partnerships with companies and governments to reach real change.

    • ICCO 50 Years

      Our 50-year history, our expertise and local knowledge makes us rooted in communities worldwide.

    • Visthar helps children at risk

      Visthar is an organization which works in 5 districts in India on issues of upholding the rights of children.

    • Clean cooking in india

      Indian women have more time to earn an income since they are cooking with clean biogas. Soon they can earn money generating carbon credits.

    • Food security for 40.000 women

      40,000 women in Bangladesh are now able to earn their own income, eat sufficiently and are prepared for possible natural disasters.

    • Farmers flourish with micro-loans

      Kyrgyz farmers are able to expand their agribusiness thanks to loans of ICCO's partner AgriKreditPlus.

    • After the floods in Pakistan

      In partnership with four organizations we targeted to reach out to 17,500 individuals (2,500 families) most marginalized and neglected communities of Sindh.

    • Strengthening rural Nepal

      UMN improves the food security and livelihood situation of communities affected by HIV/AIDS in the rural western parts of Nepal

    South and Central Asia

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    You too can partner with the ICCO Cooperation We owe to ICCO for our achievements and our strengths. With its commitment, professional approach and support we could make a difference to the deprived and build a strong and dynamic organisation.
    Dr. Malla Reddy - Director Accion Fraterna Ecology Centre