• ICCO 50 Years

      Fifty years ago ICCO started its work to eradicate poverty and injustice worldwide. 

    • Human Rights and Business

      Human Rights and Business will be a focus for ICCO Cooperation in the years to come. We seek partnerships with companies and governments to reach real change.

    • Partner to enterprising people

      In innovative partnerships in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Sudan we empower people to fulfill their economic, social and civil rights.

    • Women, drivers of social change

      SARCAF supports women, who are victim of sexual violence, to rebuild communities in Congo. They started up 36 women groups and already helped 1558 women

    • Support for chili production

      Because of the war refugees were living for years in camps in the North of Uganda. Now they are returning home. NECPA gives them a chance to build up their lives.

    • Improving food security in South Sudan

      ICCO and the European Union set up a food security program in South Sudan to reduce malnutrition among rural families.

    Central & Eastern Africa

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    You too can partner with the ICCO Cooperation 'The ICCO Cooperation supports us to work together with other organizations in food and nutrition security. This is a good development, because together we are a considerable player on the market'
    Hellen Acham - Director of our partner organization NECPA