• Human Rights & Business

      Human Rights and Business will be a focus for ICCO Cooperation in the years to come. We seek partnerships with companies and governments to reach real change.

    • ICCO 50 Years

      Our 50-year history, our expertise and local knowledge makes us rooted in communities worldwide.

    • Partner to enterprising people

      Through innovative partnerships in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Vietnam we empower people to fulfill their economic, social, political and civil rights.

    • Cambodians claiming their rights over land and natural resources

      NGO Forum supports hundreds of rural communities in Cambodia in their fight for access to and control over land, water and forest.

    • Education for indigenous people

      SPERI focuses on empowering and educating young indigenous people in Vietnam by using the approach of Farmer Field Schools.

    • Boarding schools for children

      Along the border between Thailand and Myanmar our partner Mae Tao Clinic supports young refugees from Myanmar with food, shelter and education.

    • Sustainable fishing practices for poor communities in Vietnam

      CSSH gives poor fishery communities in Vietnam training in sustainble fishing practices and management

    • Women empowerment is good for businesses in Myanmar

      Precious Stones is helping women in the townships of Myanmar to start small businesses by providing training and microcredits.

    • Foodsecurity for 140.000 refugees

      ICCO, ECHO and TBC provide a future for Myanmar refugees who stay in refugee camps in Thailand

    • Organic rice farming with ducks

      In the Philippines PARFUND implements rice duck farming, a system where ducks are taking care of the paddy fields. They are the natural fertilizers

    South East Asia and Pacific

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    Our relief activities in the Philippines 'I'm still a little bit in shock. I'm used to typhoons, but this was really scary. I was so afraid, not only for my life, but also for my parents, brothers and sisters.'
    Daisy - from Batad, Iloilo Island, the Philippines