Lobby and Advocacy

Poverty and exclusion are largely caused and continued because of unequal power relationships at all levels. It is part of our mandate to address these unequal power relations and to give a voice to the powerless. We ask politicians and policymakers to focus on the challenges and opportunities of people living in poverty or exclusion.

ICCO & Kerk in Actie are independent civil society organizations that do not hold on to any political party or political movement. We support those who live in injustice and poverty and in that respect we value our role as watchdog. Our role in lobby and advocacy is mostly facilitating. Trough our local, regional and national partners we advocate for policies, laws and regulations that create opportunities for development. To reach our lobby and advocacy goals we also co-operate with international organizations like ACT Alliance, Aprodev and the World Council of Churches.

Our lobby and advocacy themes

  • Climate
  • Conflict transformation & democratization
  • Fair economic development
  • Food and nutrition security