• Human Rights and Business

      Corporate social responsibility also involves human rights. With our fifty years of experience we can advise you on your activities and help you respect human rights when doing business. 

    • ICCO 50 Years

      Our 50-year history, our expertise and local knowledge makes us rooted in communities worldwide.

    • Clove trade flourishes

      The cooperative approach of COLDIS in Madagascar quadrupled the export of cloves from 66 tons to 300 tons.

    • Partner to Enterprising People

      In innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships in Angola, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe we empower people to fulfil their economic, social and civil rights.

    • Energy-efficient cooking for income

      NOVA created an energy-efficient cooking method for 54.000 South Africans, who benefit from the carbon credits generated.

    • Safe motherhood in Malawi

      Uchembere Network focuses on empowering Malawian women to access high quality health services using a participatory approach: Safe Motherhood Groups.

    • Zimbabweans assert their rights

      Harare Residents' Trust has empowered more than 200.000 Zimbabwean citizens to stand up for their rights to improve their standards of living.

    • Micro-credit with rice storage

      Small producers get access to micro-loans by centrally storing their rice as a guarantee and investing in a small business for more income.

    Southern Africa

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    You too can partner with the ICCO Cooperation 'Thanks to the ICCO Cooperation we have become more sustainable and independent: we grew in scale, in capacity, and in the range of contacts in our network.'
    Attie van Niekerk - Director of our Fair Climate partner NOVA