• ICCO 50 Years

      Our 50-year history, our expertise and local knowledge makes us rooted in communities worldwide.

    • Human Rights & Business

      Human Rights and Business will be a focus for ICCO Cooperation in the years to come. We seek partnerships with companies and governments to reach real change.

    • ODE supports farmers in Burkina Faso

      ODE reaches out to farmers in Burkina Faso who cope with food insecurity and continuing drought

    • Food security in Mali

      OMAES supports rural families to become involved in agriculture to improve their household food security

    • Partner to enterprising people

      In innovative partnerships in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Libera, Mali, senegal and Sierra Leone we empower people to fulfill their economic, social and civil rights

    • Sustainable supply chains

      We cooperate with Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn to guarantee the supply of fruit and vegetables and support local communities at the same time

    • Biofuel from jatropha in Mali

      Mali Biocarburant helps farmers acquire a more reliable income by letting them cultivate jatropha. The oil from the plant is used for biofuel.

    West Africa

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    You too can partner with the ICCO Cooperation ICCO has experience with private sector cooperation. ICCO was the only one that understood how important a guarantee was and what a huge impact we could have by supporting us.
    Eliza - Director Mali Biocarburant SA